• Are all your products certified organic?
Explore our range of conventional and organic products for a balanced lifestyle. For more information visit the page of each product.
  • Do you work with cafes, hotels and other mass catering places?

We have the ability to supply large quantities of [bulk] product to businesses that wish to do so.

We are open to discuss any new proposal! If you are interested in including our products in your business, contact us at sales@idiotropa.gr and we will be happy to arrange a meeting with you.

  • Are your dried fruits and vegetables sugar free?

All our dried fruits and vegetables do not contain sugar or any sweeteners, nor preservatives.

  • Do you offer custom labels for social/corporate gifts?

Yes of course! Send us an email to learn more - sales@idiotropa.gr

  • Can your dried fruit be used in tea?
Enhance your daily tea ritual with dried fruit teas.
  • Can your dried fruit be used in cocktails?
Add a slice of the dried fruit of your choice to flavor and decorate your favorite cocktail.